Tales of a Troubadour

 Underwritten by World Vision, 'Tales of a Troubadour' is a unique one-man multimedia show that sees Dave travelling with a sound and lighting crew to bring an extra level of professionalism.  Many have used Tales as opportunity to invite people on the 'fringes' of church.

Dave shares his personal journey, discovering God through the music of his youth, and where that adventure has taken him. It also gives Dave the opportunity to share more of his conviction of that 'intimacy and mystery are inseparably joined with social action and a call to impact the world around with Good News", and to introduce the audience to World Vision, an organisation he and Pat have supported for many years.  Many have respondend to the invitation  to join with World Vision in their Child Sponsorship scheme.

A great evening of classic tunes from the 60's mixed in with Dave's story and self written songs.  

Tales of a Troubadour is available without the usual fee to the event host as all Dave's expenses are covered.  All we ask is a suitable venue (for spring/summer events blackout would be needed), that you administer and promote the sale of tickets (priced at £5 in advance or £7 on the door), and provide drinks (schloer or similar is fine).  World Vision supply all the publicity material professionally printed individually with your address and contact details. 

To give you a flavour of the event, here is a short video clip:

Some of the responses we have had from past audiences:

 "This was one of the most moving, heart touching events  I've attended in a long time... " (Steve M)

"...Without exception, everyone took something positive away with them..."  (Steve K)

"...Really  enjoyed "Tales of a Troubadour"  excellent, varied evening."   (Deborah)

If you are interested in bringing "Tales of a Troubadour" to your area, drop us an email in the first instance to  strum@davebilbrough.com or call us on 01708 708911